Welcome to Innervision

Innervisionart is the canvas of three artists, the Late Anil Powle, Uma Ramakrishnan and Arif Shaikh. They express their passion through the medium of paint. They have worked in oils and acrylic and mixed media too. Most of the art is concept based and as such provides food for thought which they share with you here at innervisionart.

Meet the Artists

Anil Powle

Anil Powle comes from a family of Jewellery makers & was naturally artistically inclined. He opted out of the family business and completed Applied Art & also Fine Art from The J.J. School of Art. Though Anil was more inclined towards fine art, his personal life took a drastic turn and he took to Applied Art which would earn him his living. His creativity made him explore the field of cinema too where he designed sets for films. 

Uma Ramakrishnan

Graphic artist and a sensitive painter, Uma studied Applied Art at Sophia College Polytechnic in Mumbai. Formal education only provides an understanding of medium and technique. The rest is left to the artist to explore and discover, which is just what Uma did. In 1998, she started painting seriously, slowly moving from being a Sunday painter to a more focused artist, inspired by everything around her even her dreams.

Arif Shaikh

A young artist and one who has always been creatively inclined was on the lookout for one such space to express the success of his inner expressions and natural instinct for design. Arif’s natural instinct for design has guided him to paint a variety of subjects, helped him create digital art and the shutter bug in him has captured a few magic moments.