Is a Adobe and Corel certified Graphic Designer with a natural flair for painting and is inspired by everything around him.


– Written by Rajul – 28/ 08/ 2012

Very often I have stood in front of paintings at different art galleries and admired the way the viewing space is respected which reflects the uniqueness of the gallery. This has also made me dwell on the fact that the space may reflect the gallery owner’s vision but does not necessarily lend itself totally to the individual art exhibited.

A young artist and one who has always been creatively inclined was on the lookout for one such space to express the success of his inner expressions and natural instinct for design.
Meet Arif Shaikh who claims “I wanted to do nothing else in life.’

His ‘nothing’ has manifest into a coffee table book emulating his very own personal space and showcasing his gallery of creativity.

Arif’s natural instinct for design has guided him to paint a variety of subjects, helped him create digital art and the shutter bug in him has captured a few magic moments.

Despite lack of formal training he dedicated time to pursue his “INNERVISION”.

In following his personal legend he met with likeminded people and adversity, but the varied artistry produced has more than compensated for the difficult times experienced.
Arif’s rainbow trail is an insight into the person he has grown up to be …which many are privileged to meet…in person or through his captivating works.

BIO Data

Date of Birth : Aug 1974

Educational Qualifications : HSC & Completed Graphic Design at an Adobe & Corel certified Institute

Experience :

Background – Worked in the Advertising field from the age of 18. Worked at Origin Ad Ventures & became a working partner in the year 2004. Origin Ad Ventures evolved into Origin Hak Communications Pvt. Ltd. where I am a shareholding Director – Graphics.

All my life, I have only wanted to be an artist & photography is a passion. I have a large collection of photographs too, which I wish to exhibit.

Exhibitions – In the year 2006, we put up the first group show of 3 Artists including myself at Malad in Orlem. The exhibition titled “INNERVISION” was inaugurated by Bharat Dhabholkar – the Theatre, Ad-Man & Film personality.

I exhibited again with my colleagues in March 2013 at the Wine Festival – Monsoon Winds, at Ramada Inn, Powai, where three of us created a “paintings wall” in the lawn.
We also participated in the Bandra Wine Festival – Monsoon Winds, in November 2013 in the Art Section.

In November 2014, I exhibited at India Art Festival at Nehru Centre in Mumbai in a group show of 3 artists who are my colleagues.

Mobile :9322242789